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The national forests around Lake Tahoe and the Bureau of Land Management areas east ans south of Carson City offer a multitude of off-roading possibilities. One of the most famous jeep and dune buggy trails in America–the Rubicon trail–extends from Georgetown in the Gold Country foothills west of Tahoe to the very shores of the lake, a distance of 22 miles. The narrow passages, rocky climbs, and occasional mud holes make this rout very difficult.

Questions For The Forest Service?
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
870 Emerald Bay Road
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 573-2600 (Voice)
(530) 541-4036 (Hearing imparied)

California Off-Highway Vehicle Areas List

Toll Free Reservations

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

U.S. Forest Service, 870 Emerald Bay Rd.,
Suite 1 So. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150,
(530) 573-2600
MC, 4WD,

Foresthill OHV Area
631 Coyote St.,
P.O. Box 6003, Nevada City, CA 95959,
(530) 265-4531

Nevada City Ranger District,
U.S. Forest Service, 870 Emerald Bay Rd.,
Suite 1 So. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150,
(530) 573-2600
MC, 4WD,

Truckee Ranger District
10342 Hwy 89 No.,
Truckee, CA 96161,
(530) 478-6257

Prosser Hills Area
Truckee Ranger District.
(530) 587-3558

Downieville Ranger District
15924 Hwy 49, Camptonville, CA 95922,
(530) 478-6253

Yuba Pass Sno-Park
Sierraville Ranger District. SMBL, groomed trails,
Sno-Park parking permit required.
(530) 862-1297

Donner Summit Sno-Park
snowmobiles allowed up road to Castle Peak,
North side of I-80 Yield to
cross-country skiers! Contact Truckee Ranger District.
Sno-Park parking permit required.
Unload on north side of I-80 then park in Sno-Park.
(530) 582-7892

Kings Beach,
U.S. Forest Service, 870 Emerald Bay Rd.,
Suite 1 So. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150,
(530) 573-2600

Sierraville Ranger District
317 So. Lincoln St., P.O. Box 95,
Sierraville, CA 96126,
(530) 994-3401

Fordyce Jeep Trail,
Nevada City Ranger District,
Hwy 49 & Coyote St., Nevada City, CA 95959,
(530) 265-4531
(contact district regarding accessibility).

Little Truckee Summit
Sierraville Ranger District. SMBL, groomed trails
and snowmobile rentals.
(530) 994-3401

China Wall Snowmobile Park
Foresthill Ranger District. Groomed trails.
(530) 367-2224

Bassetts Snowmobile Park
Downieville Ranger District. SMBL, groomed
trails and snowmobile rentals.
(530) 288-3231

Cisco Grove Sno-Park
Contact Thousand Trails Camping
Resort for snow conditions for snowmobiles
(530) 426-3362
Sno-Park parking permits required.

Beautiful off-road scenic tours by ATV, Jeep and Hummer in the High Sierras, the world-famous Rubicon Trail and the high desert in the Pine Nut Mountains. 530-577-2940

With varying degrees of difficulty the Hummers and Jeeps effortlessly glide over uneven ruts and channels and can take you where other vehicles dare not go. Enjoy a challenging and exciting adventure as you
travel along trails filled with gold rush history. On this 5-hour jeep tour you can try your luck to take home German Brown, Rainbow, Gutthroat, Speckled Trout and Brookies. License, lessons and equipment are available at an additional fee.

Call for details about standard and custom tours, group and corporate bookings, overnight expeditions, rates and schedules. Reservations are recommended and all tours are subject to availability.

The Rubicon Trail is one of the most rugged and challenging trails in the United States, and perhaps even the world. Professional and experienced guides lead tours that range from one hour to three days. Choose from Scenic Fun, Adventure Ride, Overnight Expedition and the Ultimate Challenge. Typically, the longer the tour, the more challenging the terrain. Desert Fun Ride the high dessert for three hours of fun and fabulous scenery.

What is a Jeeper?
In this world of turmoil and frustration it is good to know that you can get away once in a while and relax away from it all. there is no better way to get away than in a jeep. This sturdy 4-wheel drive, little mechanical marvel can take you almost anywhere you dare to go. So, why not go? There is something about a jeep that just sets your spirits high when you go for a ride. A smile pops up and your lungs expand with fresh air and the world seems right with you in your neat jeep. It must be the natural "high" that makes jeepers never-ending mutual friends.

There is something that makes brothers out of all jeepers. One jeep in trouble can always count on a passing jeep to stop and lend a friendly hand of help and advice.

Many times I have seen full-grown men get behind the wheel of a jeep and revert to a happy boyhood attitude about life and a carefree spirit emerge. This is something only a jeeping woman can understand and tolerate.

Like brothers who keep an eye on one another, Jeepers are likewise!

by Peg Presba, Jeepers Jamboree the first 30 years..."

1982 Jeepers Jamboree
"Shopping List"

2.67 Tons of Steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken, hot dogs,
hamburger and lunch meat.
13,128 Eggs
500 Pounds Pancake Mix
60 gallons Syrup
1 Gallon Vanilla Extract
1 pound Cinnamon
150 pounds Coffee
20 pounds sugar cubes
24 Gallons Cream
35 Dozen Donuts
255 pounds butter
1,500 Ears of corn
1,500 French Breads
5,100 Rolls
35,000 Slices of bread
4,500 Hamburger buns
4,500 Hot dog buns
1,600 Candy Bars
1,600 Pudding Cups
1,500 Vanilla Cream Wafers
600 Large Cookies
144 Fruit Cups
600 Bags of Chips
1,500 Ice Cream Sundaes
192 heads of lettuce
1,050 tomatoes
300 pounds of onions
180 pounds of mushrooms
84 gallons of green beans

The Jeepers Jamboree Geaorgetown ..
The Rubicon Trail takes you through majestic forests,
around sparkling lakes..over granite sheathes...back
through the pages of history...and god's country.

Jeepers Jamboree is the grand daddy of all four wheeling events - established in 1953 it is still one of the most exciting runs a jeeper can participate in. It began as a Rotary Club effort o boost the economy of Georgetown/California and still continues to play a major role in Georgetown's business community. The Jeepers Jamboree is held annualy every last weekend (Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun.) in July with a drive from Georgetown to Rubicon Springs over the Rubicon Trail, followed by a couple of relaxing days at the Springs and a challenging drive over the remaining portion of the Rubicon Trail to lake Tahoe on Sunday. It is a must for any four wheeling enthusiast to participate at least once in the Jeepers Jamboree. This event is open to all four wheel drive vehicles - the Jeep Jamboree, a much younger event series held on the Rubicon Trail, is only open to owners of JEEP vehicles - always first weekend in August
You would like to participate in the Jeepers Jamboree but don't have a suitable vehicle?
No problem, I can help.
Visit the official Jeepers Jamboree Inc. site or call 530 333 4771

"Give me a woods to walk in and I'll give back to the
world a person at peace with God and man." Jean Mosley

"Mud goes thud
dirt does hurt
but nothing stops yer clock
Like hitten' a big ol' rock!

"Couldn't have made it without the help of the Rock rollers along the trail..." Rock Rollers

"Thank god for the spark of discontent, of ambition, of aspiration, of desire to see beyond, to know more, to
climb higher, to solve mysteries, to abolish the
unknown. "Lake Of The Sky"

"The valleys are dotted with tiny sapphire lakes sparkling
in the sunshine."
Sharon Sarlo

"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!
To behold this alone is worth the pains of any
excursion a thousand times over." John Muir

For information on the Jeepers Jamboree, Hi Low's-Low Range Newsletter or membership for Lake Tahoe Hi Lo's 4 wheel drive club contact: Tim Coolbaugh (530) 544-1737 or mailto:Tim